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19 December 2014

Original Article

Original Article

Elevated cardiovascular risk factors in a young, asymptomatic and physically active population within a normal body mass index

Lee GK, Sim HW, Tan Y, Ma T, Liew KH, Tan EC, Lee LC, Sum CF, Ong HY

ASEAN Heart Journal

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Obesity is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The body mass index (BMI) is a simple and inexpensive technique to quantify obesity. In a low-risk population, we aim to determine the association of BMI with cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs) including undiagnosed diabetes.


We studied 3026 subjects referred for routine health screening. Patients with pre-existing diabetes mellitus and/or vascular disease were excluded. Each subject had anthropometric measurements and CVRF parameters (blood pressure, fasting lipids and fasting glucose) taken.


The mean age was 38.9 ± 5.4 years, 89.9% male. Chinese persons comprised 58.6% of our cohort, Malays 34.0% and Indians 7.4%. The majority (84.5%) of subjects were low-risk (10-year risk <10%) for cardiac events using the FRS algorithm. The mean BMI was 25.2kg/m2. A positive correlation was seen between BMI and prevalence of CVRFs (p<0.001 for all). Serum lipid levels worsen significantly beyond a BMI of 20.0kg/m2, while blood pressure worsens significantly beyond a BMI of 22.0kg/m2. A positive relationship between BMI and the prevalence of impaired fasting glucose and frank diabetes was noted for BMIs ≥20.0kg/m2 (p<0.001); no subject below 20.0kg/m2 had frank diabetes.


A significant proportion of our subjects with a normal (Asian) BMI of <23.0kg/m2 had elevated CVRFs on routine screening. The step-wise rise and additive nature of these CVRFs and her consistent correlation with a rising BMI of >20.0kg/ m2 suggest that traditional cardiovascular risk factors can be reduced to very low levels by weight reduction alone.


body mass index - Asian - diabetes mellitus - hypertension - hyperlipidemia





Running title: Increase in cardiovascular risk factors.

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Department of Medicine (Drs. Lee GK, Sim HW, Tan Y) National University Health System, Singapore;

Health for Life Program (Drs. Ma T, Liew KH, Tan EC) Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore;

Gleneagles Hospital Penang, (Dr. Lee LC), Penang, Malaysia;

Departments of Medicine (Dr. Sum CF) and Cardiology (Dr. Ong HY), Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore.

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